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Varieties of d'interest


General information

Name: Recarati

Type of variety: Pure line

Characteristics of interest: Ancient variety grown in the Marches (in Italy)

Registered in the official catalog: Yes

Appearance:Growth form of the plant: determinate. Habit: erect. Plant height: 135 cm. Leaves: composed of a long petiole bearing 7/9 ovate-lanceolate leaflets at the top. In our case hairless on the page upper and slightly velvety on that inferior. Flowers: white, medium large, grouped in racemes in the terminal part of the of the stem and its ramifications.

Biophysical environment

Soil type: Sandy / silty

Climate type: Average rainfall 800mm, 20°C

Topography: Plain, coastline, small mountains

Environmental Tolerance

Drought tolerance: Medium

Disease resistance and mycotoxin: Very high resistance to fungal diseases.

Weed Competition: Medium

Agronomic characteristics

Sowing period: November

Earliness at flowering: Medium

Earliness at maturity: Medium

Harvest period: July

Nitrogen requirements: None

Yield level compared to species average: Medium

Processing Information:

Destination: Snack, cream

Nutritional value: Good protein rate

Organoleptic quality:

Marketing channels:

Interest in short chains: Yes, possible to do direct sales

Ethnobotanical information

Cultivated in the municipality of Roncarati in the Marche region, an ancient/heritage variety  preserved by local farmers.


General information

Name: Arsenio

Type of variety: inbred line

Characteristics of interest: High drought tolerance. Widely adapted to Mediterranean environments (autumn sowing) and subcontinental-climate environments (preferably late-winter sowing).

Registered in the official catalogue : Yes (in Italy)

Appearance: Flower: white-pale bluish. Growth habit: indeterminate. Plant height: tall semi-dwarf. Flowering time: intermediate. Moderately high lodging tolerance

Biophysical environment

Soil type: 

Climate type:


Environmental Tolerance

Drought tolerance:

Disease resistance and mycotoxin:

Weed Competition:

Agronomic characteristics

Sowing period:

Earliness at flowering: Medium

Earliness at maturity:

Harvest period: July

Nitrogen requirements:

Yield level compared to species average: Yield advantage of 5 to 50% over other cultivars.

Processing Information:


Nutritional value:

Organoleptic quality:

Marketing channels:

Interest in short chains:

Ethnobotanical information

Source: information from DIVINFOOD partners

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